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Chocolate BB Fe Charge, Non-caffeine, 10.6 fl oz (50 ml) x 10 Bottles

Chocolate BB Fe Charge, Non-caffeine, 10.6 fl oz (50 ml) x 10 Bottles

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Product introduction

"Chocola BB Fe Charge" is a non-caffeine nutritional functional food drink containing seven main ingredients such as iron, niacin, vitamin B2, vitamin B6, calcium, ornithine, and glycine.

This time, the iron content per bottle (50 mL) has been increased from 4 mg to 5 mg, and the flavor has been renewed to a delicious prune and peach flavor.

The calorie is 5kcaL per bottle.

Actively recommended for those who are concerned about iron deficiency and those who are concerned about caffeine and avoid nutritional drinks.



Precautions for use

● This product does not cure illness or improve health by ingesting a large amount. Please follow the recommended daily intake.

● Take 1 bottle per day as a guide.

● Please refer to the ingredients and refrain from drinking if you have allergies. Also, do not drink if it does not suit your constitution.

● Drink immediately after opening.

● The bottle is a crack. Avoid impact on the container, heating and freezing.

● Be careful not to get injured by the cut edge or protrusion of the cap.

● Depending on the ingredients, it may precipitate, but there is no problem with the quality. Shake well before drinking.

● Keep out of reach of children.

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