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DHC Olive Oil Nunez de Prado Seasoning with High-Grade Olive Oil 120g

DHC Olive Oil Nunez de Prado Seasoning with High-Grade Olive Oil 120g

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Seasoning with high-grade olive oil! The rich taste and flavor also increase the rank of dishes! “Olive oil eaten by many DHC ingredients-Nunez de Prado” is an oil type seasoning that has become a staple at home. “Two kinds of cheese and anchovy sauce finish” is based on the award-winning “Nunez de Prado extra virgin olive oil”, with added ingredients such as chopped black olives, sauteed onions and almonds. Cheddar and parmesan, two kinds of cheese, anchovy sauce, and basil are seasoned with rich flavor. The rich aroma of the oil, the taste of the ingredients that blend into the richness, and the crunchy texture give it a luxurious taste. There are various ways to eat it, such as putting it on your usual dishes, using it as a seasoning for spices and stir-fried food, or applying it directly to bread! You can easily enjoy higher-grade dishes. No synthetic colorants or fragrances added. Olive oil, almonds, onions, black olives, sauteed onions, natural cheese, salt, reduced starch syrup, basil, flour, chicken consomme, anchovy sauce, black pepper/seasoning (amino acids, etc.), oxidation Inhibitors (VC, VE), caramel pigments, iron gluconate, (including some dairy ingredients, wheat, soybeans, chicken).

Producer: DHC Japan
Country of Production: Japan
Amount: 1 x 120ml

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