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Dogs Toys Rope Chewing Toys Durable Rope Toys Balls

Dogs Toys Rope Chewing Toys Durable Rope Toys Balls

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🐶 《Durable chewing toys》 Make rope toys with a degree packing process, which is hard to break no matter how hard you chew, satisfy the various needs of your dog, and have fun playing with your dog.

🐶 《100% natural cotton, rattan》 Using natural cotton and wisteria, it is safe and environmentally friendly. Since it does not use plastic or chemical dyes, it has no odor. While massaging your dog's gum, prevent dental diseases and protect your dog's health

🐶 《Stress Relief》 To relieve your dog's anxiety when working or going out, tatter furniture and personal items. Instead, give them a sturdy toy and chew for hours! Your dog's attention and energy will destroy durable toys and reduce anxiety! Furniture and personal items will be safe.

🐶 《The best gift for your best friends and friends》 Give your dog a big surprise at festivals, birthdays and ties with your dog.

🐶 《One year warranty replacement》 For one year from the date of purchase at FONPOO, we guarantee against defects in materials and manufacturing during normal use according to the guidelines issued by FONPOO. Please contact [Account Service]-[Order History]-[Contact Seller] for how to use the warranty service. We will get back to you within 24 hours.

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