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FANCL HTC Collagen DX Powder 30 Days

FANCL HTC Collagen DX Powder 30 Days

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FANCL Deep Charge Collagen has HTC collagen, Vitamin C, and Rose bud extract in powder.

You can consume the collagen powder by mixing into your drinks and dishes. 


  • FANCL's unique collagen "HTC collagen" is different from other collagens. HTC collagens are cut into smaller pieces, which are effectively absorbed by body.
  • Also, their research resulted in showing that HTC collagen has better ability to regenerate more collagen.
  • Vitamin C and Rose bud extract support the work of HTC collagen. 
  • It also has hyaluronic acid prepared in the powder.
  • You can take 3000mg of collagen by consuming 1 bag a day.
  • Free of synthetic colourings, aroma, and preservatives. 


Recommended dosage is 1 bag per day.

You can simply mix 1 bag of the powder  into drinks, soup, yogurt...etc.

Do not consume if you have any food allergies.

Stop consuming if it does not match with your body or condition.


  • Contents: 30 bags / 30 days
  • Made in: Japan

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