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Kao - Liese Creamy Bubble Hair Color Natural

Kao - Liese Creamy Bubble Hair Color Natural

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  • How to use:


  • Read the enclosed instructions carefully before using & use as directed.


  • Perform a skin allergy test two days 48 hours before each use of the product.


  • Before use, keep the product at room temperature between 20 & 30 for about one hour before mixing the solutions.


  • If the formula is too cold or too warm, it will not foam easily.


  • Do not use while taking a bath.


  • This product is not a shampoo.


  • Pour Solution 1 into Solution 2, turn it upside down a few times gently to mix.


  • Do not shake hard.


  • Wear the gloves.


  • Squeeze the center of bottle to dispense foam.


  • Apply plenty of foam & massage until the texture of the foam becomes thick & creamy.


  • Massage gently to avoid tangling hair.


  • Leave foam on hair for about 20-30 minutes, then rinse out completely.


  • Finish by shampooing & then apply the enclosed rinse-off treatment.