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Kobayashi - Tough Grip Cream.

Kobayashi - Tough Grip Cream.

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  • Denture stabilizer that does not easily change the taste of food.


  • Sticking type.


  • As it is a cream type, it gradually absorbs saliva in the mouth to increase its viscosity.


  • It sticks firmly with the force of stickiness to stabilize dentures.


  • As it is a cream type, it spreads evenly over the entire denture and is easy to use.


  • No flavors or colorings are used so as not to change the taste of food.


  • Firmly attach the small gap between the denture and the toothpaste to relieve the pain caused by the invasion of food residue.


  • The pain caused by the partial contact between the denture and the toothpaste.


  • Can also be used for dentures on metal floors.


  • Can be used with either upper jaw or lower jaw dentures.


  • Does not contain alcohol.

    How to use:


  • Thoroughly wash your dentures and wipe off any water.


  • Put an appropriate amount on the denture floor in several places (do not apply too much.)


  • Put it in your mouth and press it lightly for 1 to 2 minutes.

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