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LULULUN New Anti-aging Care Face Mask Over 45 Iris Blue 7 Sheets

LULULUN New Anti-aging Care Face Mask Over 45 Iris Blue 7 Sheets

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Adult dullness measuring for face skin firmness and gloss. Firming and moisturising adult face skin. Feel the unpretentious elegance and core strength that only adults can have in elegant softness and burning red. Focusing on adult skin that tends to lose its elasticity, it contains a vegetable-based moisturizing ingredient. It leads to moist and moisturizing elastic skin. LuLuLun only uses the best fragrance-free, artificial coloring-free, mineral oil-free natural ingredients and carefully tested out combinations for optimum treatment. Adopting an unique 3-layer structure and a perfected cuttings and skin adherence, LuLuLun face masks allow deep penetration of beauty ingredients and results in radiant and supple skin everyday. Japan is the country where women live the longest. Countries with more women over the age of 45. Therefore, Lulurun, the No.1 * face mask series, has created LuLuLun Over45, a face mask for people over the age of 45 who will surely change their skin. Rather than age, a face mask packed with ingredients that adapt to changing skin will maximize the beauty of that age.

Producer: Glide Enterprise
Country of Manufacture: Japan
Quantity: 1 bag = 7 sheets

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