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METABOLIC Yeast + Enzyme Dietary Supplements 62tablets

METABOLIC Yeast + Enzyme Dietary Supplements 62tablets

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Metabolic Yeast + Enzyme is one of the best selling and most trusted dietary supplement products in Japan. Yeast and Enzyme work together to help cleanse inside and lose weight. Metabolic Yeast + Enzyme is suitable for individuals who (1) want to lose weight while keeping a healthy diet and lifestyle, (2) tends to overeat, (3) wants to clean up the system inside, and (4) want to improve bowel movements.

Metabolic Yeast + Enzyme consists of over 100 herbs and other Japanese ingredients including yomogi and ginger, and goes through the fermentation process with the fermented extract from lactic acid bacterium, yeast, koji mold and more. The product offers an intake of wild grass based extract and helps cleans body and manage the body condition.

90% of the users of Metabolic Yeast + Enzyme expressed customer satisfaction, with 73% planning to continue taking the product. Say goodby to constipation and start the healthy dietary style today. Recommended dose: 2 tablets per day or before sleep with meal and with lukewarm water.

Producer: Metabolism Co., LTD.
Production: Made in Japan

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