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Wakodo - Oral Plus Moisture Mouthwash

Wakodo - Oral Plus Moisture Mouthwash

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  • Wash your mouth gently and gently with dry and bad breath.


  • Dry mouth can cause an increase in oral bacteria and bad breath.


  • A mild-type mouthwash that gently cleanses while giving moisture to the mouth that tends to dry.


  • Non-alcoholic.


  • With measuring cup.


  • Aquamint fragrance.


  • The faint aquamint fragrance refreshes your mouth.


  • Give moisture:


  • Contains moisturizing ingredients (hyaluronic acid / trehalose).


  • Contains three types of plant extracts.


  • Prevention of bad breath:


  • Removes the source of odors (food debris, dirt).


  • With thickening:


  • Recommended for those who are easy to pick up and care with a sponge brush.

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